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Puerco Pibil with Green Chile Cabbage Salad, garnished with Creamy Mustard Sauce topped off with Universal Taco Seasoning and wrapped in delicious Hard Corn Shells (Traditional; US)

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Contributed by sinker, Nathan Arnold
Puerco Pibil ============= A delicious, slow roasted Pork dish from the Yucatan. Can be served over rice or used as a base layer in tacos! ---------------------------------------------- * 5 lbs Pork Butt * Banana Leaves * 5 Tbsp whole Annato seeds * 2 Tsp whole Cumin seeds * 1 Tbsp Peppercorns * 8 whole Allspice seeds * 1/2 Tsp whole cloves - Grind the spices in a coffee grinder. Don't use your usual coffee grinder. Use a grinder that you use specifically for spices only. * 2 chopped Habenero Chiles, stems and seeds removed. * 1/2 Cup Orange Juice * 1/2 Cup white vinegar * 2 Tbsp salt * The juice of 5 lemons * 1-2 shots of your favorite Tequila - Add the chiles, oj, vinegar, salt, lemon juice, tequila, and spice mix to a blender and blend well. - Cut the pork into 2 inch cubes and place in a large zip lock bag. - Preheat oven to 325 degrees (if you haven't yet). - Pour the blended mixture into the bag and seal. Be sure to coat all of the meat with the mixture. - Line a 9 x 13 inch pan with Banana leaves. - Pour entire contents of the zip lock bag into the pan. - Cover with more Banana leaves. - Cover entire pan tightly with aluminum foil. - Put the pan in the oven and relax for the next 4 hours. - Enojoy!
Contributed by sinker, Ross Donaldson
### Green Chile Cabbage Salad with Seared Corn This isn't a tradition, or even particularly traditional -- except in my apartment in Oakland, where I make this for myself ever time I make pork tacos. #### Ingredients * 1 green cabbage * 4 limes * 2 ears corn, or roughly two cups of corn kernels (adjust to desired corn-y-ness) * Dried, Powdered New Mexico Green Chile, to taste * Salt, to taste * Olive oil * Optional: some crumbled cotija or queso Oaxaqueno #### Directions 1. If using ears of corn, strip the kernels from them with a sharp knife. 2. Heat a few tablespoons of oil over high heat. I like to use a Dutch Oven for this, but the main cookware properties you want are heavy-bottomed and wide. 3. Toss the corn kernels in to the oil, spread them evenly, salt very lightly and let them ride. I _highly_ recommend a splatter guard for this step, but **not** a lid. You want the corn to dry out just a little and get a good sear. It's done when it's starting to get dark, a little chewy, and probably is sticking to the pan. 4. While the corn is going, core and chop the cabbage in to wide strips. 5. How's the corn doing? 6. Juice the limes. 7. How's the corn doing? If it's not done yet, grab a beer and hang out 'til it is. 8. The corn is done? Great. Toss it on top of the cabbage. Add a little salt, then a good hit of olive oil, then half-or-so of the lime juice. Toss in a good tablespoon or two of the green chile powder. Start stirring. 9. You want everything coated nicely, but I don't like the salad too oily, so go easy on that. I add lime until the sour balances the sweet of the corn. I add green chile slowly -- it takes a second to rehydrate and get hot. I might add as much as a half cup of the stuff to a salad for myself or spicy food fans like me; I go easier on the spice-unenthused. 10. Serve it! If you're in to tossing a little cheese on there, do it -- but I usually just eat it straight. Sometimes this goes on fish or chicken tacos; sometimes it's a side to richer pork tacos. It's always awesome. **Note on ingredients**: green chile is the gastronomical life blood of New Mexican cuisine, but it's little known in the other 49 states. I like a brand called [_Los Chileros de Nuevo Mexico_](http://www.loschileros.com/), which I can find sometimes in tiendas and other times at Whole Foods (go figure). The trick here is this: just don't accept substitutes. It's not the same. I've also had to accept that fresh chile is just not what this salad needs, so don't do that either (it doesn't distribute well enough across the cabbage). Do have this with cold, crisp beer. tags: vegetarian, vegan
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Creamy Mustard Sauce ============== Originally a sauce used on sandwiches until one day I ran out of sour cream for my tacos. This recipe is meant to be "eye-balled." __Ingredients__ * 1/2 part Ranch dressing * 1/4 part Yellow Mustard * 1/4 part Grey Poupon Harvest Course Ground Mustard __Directions__ 1. Mix all ingredients in container. 2. Add to tacos, and anything else you'd like. 3. Store in closed container in fridge. tags: vegetarian
Contributed by sinker
Universal Taco Seasoning ======================== I got tired of buying packets of store-bought taco seasoning, so I experimented with various spices and ratios until I landed on this recipe. I keep a jar of it in the cupboard at all times. * 6 tbsp chili powder * 4 tbsp cumin * 4 tbsp corn starch * 3 tbsp onion powder * 1 tbsp salt * 1 tbsp garlic powder * 4 tsp oregano (Mexican oregano, if you've got it) * 2 tsp crushed red pepper Combine in Mason jar and shake well to combine. This mix works well for chicken, pork and beef, destined for the grill, oven, slow cooker or stovetop. You could tweak it a bit to target a specific meat, but I like to have a base, universal mix around. Makes it super easy to turn leftover anything into delicious taco filling: Just chop up whatever it is, toss it into a skillet, sprinkle generously with seasoning, then add a bit of water and simmer to impart flavor. tags: vegetarian, vegan
Contributed by Brian Mount, sinker, Tim Murtaugh, Tim Murtaugh
Hard Corn Shells (Traditional; US) ====================== Mistakenly thought by many to be traditionally Mexican, hard shells were actually popularized in the US in the mid-20th century. While they can certainly be made at home (if you have access to a deep-fryer), the best method of obtaining hard taco shells is to head to the grocery store. If you line them with a lettuce leaf rather than using chopped lettuce, when the shell cracks you won't lose the contents into your lap. tags: vegetarian