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Red Cabbage Filling with Traditional Taco Mixins, garnished with Salsa de Aguacate topped off with Universal Taco Seasoning and wrapped in delicious Hard Corn Shells (Traditional; US)

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Contributed by Brian Mount, sinker, Jake Spurlock, Josh Williams, Josh Williams
Red Cabbage Filling =================================== * 1/2 head of red cabbage, shredded * 3 chopped green onions * 1/2 bunch of finely chopped cilantro * 2-3 squeezed limes 1. Mix all ingredients in large bowl tags: vegetarian, vegan
Contributed by Brian Mount, sinker, Peter Richardson, KatherineMichel
Traditional Taco Mixins (makes about 20 servings) - 1 (16 ounce) container sour cream - 1/4 head iceberg lettuce (rinsed, dried, shredded) - 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese - 3 diced tomatoes - 1 (2.25 ounce) can black olives, drained Add ingredients to tacos in layers. tags: vegetarian
Contributed by sinker, Paul C Pederson
Salsa de Aguacate ========== This is the traditional green sauce served from a Mexican taco cart. Very popular with Tacos al Pastór or Tacos de Canasta, it is a creamy, green sauce. It has avacado, but it by no means a guacamole. Usually available with other taco cart staples such as: sliced radishes, spicy salsa roja, fresh cilantro, and fresh limes. * 1/2 Kilo of Green Tomatillos (~1lb.) * 2 green Serrano peppers (optional for heat) * 1 avocado * 2 limes * 1/2 cup crema (Mexican sour cream, thinner and sweeter than standard sour cream) Cook the tomatillos and peppers in a pot with water until soft. Drain the water out and let cool. Put tomatillos, peppers, salt, lime-juice, crema, and avacado (shelled and pitted) in blender. With lid on, blend until completely mixed and liquid consistency. Salsa should be the consistency of crema, liquid, yet slightly viscous. Pour over your tacos liberally. Refrigerate between uses. tags: vegetarian
Contributed by sinker
Universal Taco Seasoning ======================== I got tired of buying packets of store-bought taco seasoning, so I experimented with various spices and ratios until I landed on this recipe. I keep a jar of it in the cupboard at all times. * 6 tbsp chili powder * 4 tbsp cumin * 4 tbsp corn starch * 3 tbsp onion powder * 1 tbsp salt * 1 tbsp garlic powder * 4 tsp oregano (Mexican oregano, if you've got it) * 2 tsp crushed red pepper Combine in Mason jar and shake well to combine. This mix works well for chicken, pork and beef, destined for the grill, oven, slow cooker or stovetop. You could tweak it a bit to target a specific meat, but I like to have a base, universal mix around. Makes it super easy to turn leftover anything into delicious taco filling: Just chop up whatever it is, toss it into a skillet, sprinkle generously with seasoning, then add a bit of water and simmer to impart flavor. tags: vegetarian, vegan
Contributed by Brian Mount, sinker, Tim Murtaugh, Tim Murtaugh
Hard Corn Shells (Traditional; US) ====================== Mistakenly thought by many to be traditionally Mexican, hard shells were actually popularized in the US in the mid-20th century. While they can certainly be made at home (if you have access to a deep-fryer), the best method of obtaining hard taco shells is to head to the grocery store. If you line them with a lettuce leaf rather than using chopped lettuce, when the shell cracks you won't lose the contents into your lap. tags: vegetarian