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onion with Traditional Taco Mixins, garnished with charred corn topped off with Mahi Mahi Rub and wrapped in delicious bad-ass tortillas

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onion ======== An onion is typically cut up and then tossed into a skillet or something else to heat it. Olive oil is nice. They can be grilled or caramelized as well.
Contributed by Brian Mount, sinker, Peter Richardson, KatherineMichel
Traditional Taco Mixins (makes about 20 servings) - 1 (16 ounce) container sour cream - 1/4 head iceberg lettuce (rinsed, dried, shredded) - 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese - 3 diced tomatoes - 1 (2.25 ounce) can black olives, drained Add ingredients to tacos in layers. tags: vegetarian
Contributed by sinker, Jeremy Bowers
charred corn ========= * 6-8 ears of very fresh sweet corn. * Canola, peanut or other high-heat vegetable oil. * Sheet pan covered with tin foil. * Good long tongs. * Large metal bowl. 1. Prepare the oven for broiling by moving a single rack to the highest level. It should be no closer than 2-3 inches from the broiler. 2. Under this rack set the second rack and the sheet pan covered with tin foil to catch drips from the corn. 3. Brush each ear of corn lightly with oil. 4. Pull out top rack halfway and place the corn directly on the rack. 5. Push the rack in and turn on the broiler. 6. Watch the corn. You're looking for some fairly blackened bits and lots of dark brown. 7. Note: Do not let the corn catch on fire. 8. Turn the corn one quarter turn with the tongs. Repeat until each corn ear is fairly dark brown. 9. Remove the corn ears to the large metal bowl they are fully turned and browned/charred. 10. Turn off the broiler. 11. Let the corn cool for 15 minutes or until you can touch it. 12. Stand an ear of corn up on the bottom. 13. Using your sharpest knife, start at the top of the corn ear and slice down through the kernels. They will come off in sheets. 14. Turn the corn a quarter or a fifth turn and repeat until you've removed the kernels. Note: Some will stick at the top and bottom. 15. Do this for each ear of corn. 16. Now you have a bowl full of kernels. Mix with lime juice (2 limes?) and 3-6 oz of cotija to make a corn salad. 17. BONUS: Freeze the cobs. Later, make corn stock by boiling the cobs for an hour in 2 gallons of water. Remove the cobs and reduce to about 2 quarts. Use with grits or as a soup base.
Contributed by Brian Mount, sinker, Jake Spurlock, Mat Marquis
Mahi Mahi Rub ============== A rub for Mahi Mahi, if fish tacos be what you're fancying: * 1 Part spicy chili powder * 1 Part salt * 1 Part ground cumin * 1/2 Part chopped cilantro * 1/2 Part cayenne * 1/2 Part pepper * 1/2 Part oregano * 1/2 Part onion powder * 1/2 Part garlic powder You choose your measurements and enjoy! tags: vegetarian, vegan
Contributed by sinker, Jeff Larson
bad-ass tortillas ===================== If you are making tacos, don't settle for corporate store bought tortillas. Make your own like a real person! First get a cast iron pan: ![](./pan.jpg) and then one of these bad-ass tortilla presses: ![](./tortillador.jpg) Buy your lard from a place like this: ![](./store.jpg) * 2 cups all purpose flour * 1/4 cup lard (cut into lil' pieces) * 1 teaspoon kosher salt * 2/3 tablespoon oil * 1/2 cup water (luke warm) Mix all ingredients together except oil and water. Drizzle oil over mixture and mix with hands. Add water and mix and knead again until doughy. Let chill for about an hour in plastic wrappers. Heat large cast iron skillet (or something more authentic if you've got it) over medium heat. Cut dough into about 12 pieces that are round. Use a proper tortilla press (or something more authentic if you've got it) to make 'em flat and then put on the skillet. Wait until the transparent parts turn opaque and flip em. Put cooked tortillas in a *dirty* cloth napkin to keep 'em warm. End recipe. Paz, amor, y dinero.