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Insane Garlic Ground Turkey with Potato Hash, garnished with Lime topped off with Sriracha Salt and wrapped in delicious naan

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Contributed by Brian Mount, sinker, Tim O'Brien
Insane Garlic Ground Turkey ========================= While not particularly fancy, the insane garlic ground turkey is a crowd pleaser. Ground Turkey ----------- * 2 pounds of ground turkey (preferably thigh meat) * Four yellow onions * Store-bought Taco Seasoning * More garlic than you can imagine (4-5 cloves) * Olive Oil 1. Chop several onions into slices. 2. In a large pan heat olive oil in a saucepan over high heat 3. Cook onions on high heat until they are almost caramelized. (10 minutes) 4. Reduce heat to medium. 5. Add ground turkey making sure to stir meat to ensure adequate turkey / onion mixture. 6. Cover and let turkey cook for 8 minutes. 7. Mix taco seasoning using one cup of water for each packet of seasoning 8. Add several cloves or garlic to pan. When in doubt with garlic always err on the side of too much. 9. Cook uncovered until taco seasoning is reduced. 10. Warn guests of impending garlic. Total cooking time: 30-40 minutes
Contributed by Brian Mount, sinker
Potato Hash =================== * 6 or so small yukon gold poatoes * 4 green onion, chopped * 1/2 small can of green chiles * olive oil * coarse salt * 1/4t chili powder * dash cumin * 1/4t garlic powder * Nutrional yeast (optional) Peel and dice potatoes, throw in a pan with a 1/4 or so of water, cover and cook on medium-high until potatoes are soft. Once potatoes are soft, lower to medium heat add green onions, chiles, spices and olive oil. Cook until hash-like. BOOM. tags: vegetarian, vegan
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# Lime Cut a lime into quarters or eights and squeeze juice onto any taco. *You may omit this ingredient when limes are out of season.* tags: vegetarian, vegan
Contributed by Brian Mount, sinker, Jake Spurlock
Sriracha Salt ============= I actually received this as a gift, but I found a recipe to make your own. __Ingredients__ * 1 cup Salt * 10 tsp. Sriracha Mix the two ingredients together in a bowl. Spread it out on a baking sheet lined with foil or parchment paper. Put in a 200-degree oven, then turn the oven off and let it sit overnight inside. It will clump, but place in ziplock bag and attack it with a rolling pin. Tada! The effect on most food is as awesome as you'd expect but it is especially amazing with eggs. Add it to your breakfast tacos. tags: vegetarian, vegan
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naan ===================== Naan bread can be purchased or made. It is easier to buy it at a store. Naan bread is a flatbread that tends to be fluffy and easy to tear apart.